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Neeuro Brain Training Solution

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About Neeuro Brain Training Solution

A healthy brain is essential for our physical, emotional, and cognitive health. To maintain a healthy brain, it involves a variety of lifestyle choices and habits which include regular physical exercises, a balanced diet, quality sleep, and engagement in mentally stimulating activities.

Neeuro offers brain training solutions that are engaging and mentally stimulating. Through the latest in neurotechnology and specially designed brain games, it seeks to challenge the brain and improve cognitive function in attention, memory, decision-making, spatial ability and cognitive flexibility.

Trial Lesson offers the following feature:

  • 45 mins 1-to-1 session
  • Introduction to 3 individual cognitive games for Attention, Memory & Decision-Making

Keen to learn more? Neeuro Foundation Lesson establish basic learning abilities for doing well in school or in life in general. Foundation Lesson offers the following feature:

  • 45 mins 1-to-1 session
  • Pre and Post Assessment
  • Train in 6 games offering simple challenges in cognitive skills.

Note: Once you have bought the package solution, we will reach out to you to inquire about your preferred commencement date.


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