Brain training can help improve cognitive abilities in our daily lives

Train Your Brain For Better Quality of Life

By: JQ Ching | TeleChoice Int Ltd


Brain Training Program Aim To Improve The Quality Of Your Life.

People are constantly finding new ways to make life easier and better through advancement in technologies. New technologies in particular medical technology has brought to us vast improvements in health and wellness. Where mental wellbeing is concerned, on the increasing number of ADHD and dementia cases in the society, having a methodology that is easy, convenience and at the same time allows us to track and measure our progress is extremely helpful. Forget about the conventional EEG devices that are cumbersome and only available in hospitals and research institutions, read on to find out how the improved form of technology is able to change our lives!

What is EEG?

Electroencephalogram (EEG) is a recording of brain activities.

Small sensors are attached to the scalp to pick up brain wave signals produced when our brain cells interact with each other. Such signals are often recorded via a machine and reviewed by a doctor to determine if there are abnormalities. The EEG procedure is usually carried out by professionals, a trained specialist or neurophysiologist during a short visit to the hospital.

Why is EEG important?

Many conditions such as cognitive disorder, dementia and attention issues can all be identified via the use of an EEG tool. This will help users identify areas in our brain that can be further improved before it is too late.

Brain training methods

To keep ourselves and love ones mentally healthy, there are a few exercises we can do to keep our brain sharp. From having fun with jigsaw puzzles to playing a wide selection of games like solitaire or online mind games, we can improve our memory, cognitive abilities and many more.

A few games designed by the Neeuro team which are available in the Memorie app tackle certain pressing yet common issues faced by most of us. Check out the app here to learn more about these games!

How mind exercises contribute to mind power and success

Success can be derived from a healthy mind and body. We can stay physically healthy and fit easily but when it comes to the mind, people are closing off doors to learn more due to factors like work and family responsibilities.

An article by St Joseph Health suggests that people who take part in brain games few hours a week experienced lasting benefit. Research have shown that people who benefits from having better control over their attention and mental processing abilities are able to apply what is learnt from the games to day-to-day activities.

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