About Us

Where the Universe and Ecommerce Meets. Eplanetworld: A Business Built on Inspiration!

The universe is vast and infinite. It is full of suspense and mysterious wonders, from galaxies to stars and everything in between. Our founder, Pauline, has been captivated by its beauty since she was a little girl. Today, she is still in awe of the universe and all it has to offer.

Eplanetworld's story began when Pauline first read about the Milky Way and the different planets. She was mesmerized by its mystical allure and saw hope and positivity in the galaxy's shining stars. The Milky Way inspired her to create a business that would reflect the same dynamics and ever-evolving nature of the ecommerce world. And just like the universe, Eplanetworld is infinite in its growth potential, limited only by our own imaginations.

In May 2014, Eplanetworld was born with a mission to create something majestic and magical, just like the galaxy. As an online platform and an extension of our retail arm, Planet Telecoms, we have partnered with major brands like Samsung and OPPO to offer the latest and most exciting mobile phones, tablets and gadgets. We are proud to be supported by our parent company, TeleChoice International Limited, who shares our passion for endless possibilities and opportunities.

As the consumer landscape continues to change, so have we. Our portfolio has evolved to include Smart Tech and Smart Home products which adds that touch of magic and enriches our lives. Innovative and cutting-edge technologies represented by brands like ABKO, Apeman, LifeSmart, Neeuro and QUAIR are now readily available on our platform. Join us on this journey of creativity and experience vibrance as we continue to explore and push the boundaries.