Smart Solutions


Smart Industrial solutions

LifeSmart has the best cloud-based smart home platform, integrating with the best intelligent building and community solutions. Our full-scene smart solutions provide property developers and managers with a "cloud-pipe edge terminal" for the real estate industry.


LifeSmart Smart Solutions :- Visual Charts

1. Visualized Charts

With LifeSmart Intelligence Platform, you are able to keep track of power consumption, temperature and humidity conditions of each room, and working status of every equipment from the visual graphics and charts.

LifeSmart Smart Solutions :- Device and Alarm Monitoring

2. Device and Alarm Monitoring

Constantly on alert, you can monitor the whole system and all facilities, receive instant notifications and alerts of incidents occurring in the rooms, so you can take immediate action.

LifeSmart Smart Solutions: Remote Device Management

3. Remote Device Management

Remotely manage all your devices and systems from one centralized location with LifeSmart.

LifeSmart Smart Solution:- Rights and Role Management

4. Rights and Role Management

Add or delete managers easily with LifeSmart. Control permissions for your team in batches, so you can keep your business running smoothly.

LifeSmart Smart Solution: Integration and API

5. Integration and API

The LifeSmart solution is highly configurable and easily integrated into third-party systems via our open application programming interface (API).


Industrial Solution Made Simple

LifeSmart Smart Solution: Enterprise



1. Save energy and money
2. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
3. Convenient and easy to use

LifeSmart Smart Solution: Real Estate


Real Estate

1. Remotely arm/disarm your alarm system
2. Automatically turn off lights & appliances when not in use
3. Get real-time updates on energy consumption

LifeSmart Smart Solution: Hotels


Hotels / Hostel

1. Secure and convenient control of your room with a QR code
2. Save energy and conserve resources by automatically controlling devices
3. Integrate with your hotel management system for seamless control