Building Your Dream Smart Home?



LifeSmart provides a complete new generation AI smart home solutions that are able to learn, think and react to your daily routine.

LifeSmart home appliances are developed with convenience, comfort, and control in mind. As a one-stop-shop for all your smart home needs, we will cater to your needs and produce tailored security and lifestyle solutions that suit you best.

Why A Smart Home?

  • Comfort And Convenience
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Safety And Security
  • Flexibility And  Customisation
  • Home Management Insight

Choosing The Right Technology

At LifeSmart, we believe that the future is wireless in the loT sector. We take pride in our customers' value as our top priority. Based on these values, we select different wireless protocols to match the diversified user cases. Our company supports the most protocols in the marketplace including Wi-Fi, BLE, Zigbee, Z-Wave and our proprietary CoSS protocol.

Table : Comparison chart using different protocols

LifeSmart Comparison Table

What is COSS?

Communication of Smart Star Network (or COSS for short) is a proprietary protocol developed by LifeSmart.

It has features of long transmission distance, strong anti-inference ability, low power consumption, low radiation, high stability and security.

LifeSmart Smart Station uses COSS protocol to link all devices in Star Network Topology. With the advantages of supporting up to 500 devices per station, we can implement smart homes at bungalows without any issue like wired smart homes.

LifeSmart Smart Station


1. AIoT Ecosystem

We believe that the AI and loT will become an ecosystem, and we believe that it is important to build an open AloT system. In LifeSmart, we provide our customers with end-to-end AloT solutions, which include application software, cloud service, hardware and Al integration. Our open API enables hundreds of customers to build their own applications or integrate our AloT capability into their system. It supports both public and private deployments, which are both cost efficient and data privacy.

AIOT Ecosystem Chart

2. AI Builder

With AI Builder, we are able to deliver multiple outputs coupled with multiple sensor conditions and computing policies. The platform can be deployed on smart devices, edge gateway and cloud. Within the smart devices and edge gateway, you can complete all the process of sensing, understanding and automatic control allowing machine learning and deep learning capability once you connect to the cloud. Al Builder is an open and flexible computing framework which fulfills the users personalized requirements empowered by the cloud AI.

3. Bank Level Security and Encryption

- Bank level encryption
- Z-Wave Security S2 certification
- Independent key management for every single device
- Minimum authorization management for cloud service
- All data encryption

LifeSmart puts the cybersecurity and privacy protection as the top priority. Our system and connection is built with bank level encryption and security, covering from the smart device, edge gateway, cloud service and lastly applications. The links inbetween the layers are encrypted and protected.

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Building Your Dream Smart Home

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