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LifeSmart Smart Security Features

LifeSmart Wireless system

All-in-One System

While you get the security protection form your home alarm and re-watch your CCTV through mobile, you also gain the ability to control your home appliance with mobile, even your home devices run autonomously.

One APP, Total Control.

LifeSmart gives you the power to control your home from one central location. With our easy-to-use app, you can turn on your alarm, view your CCTV cameras, and control other devices around the house, such as light, curtain, fan, and aircon. 

AI Autonomous

- Home Alarm auto activate when you went out.
 - Camera send you a snapshot when there are strangers standing outside for a ‘period’.
- Air-con turn on when you come back from work.
- Your home will "talk" to you when the alarm is activated!

Simple Installation

- Plug & Play
- Stick-on
- Wireless

LifeSmart Security: DEFED Alarm Kit

DEFED Alarm Kit

DEFED series is a wireless alarm system with unified industrial design and professional security technology. Its anti-tamper design makes them resistant to forcible removal, with indicator light display, super long battery life, and millisecond response, it provides a strong guarantee for the user's home and property safety.

Wireless System

DEFED Alarm Kit contains a Smart Station (we usually call it the hub), a door/window sensor, a PIR motion sensor, an indoor siren, and a remote controller (the ‘key fob’).

LifeSmart Smart Security: DEFED system
LifeSmart Smart Security: COSS Protocol

High Stability

For alarm systems, stability is the most important aspect of performance: alarm signals must never be dropped. For this, we developed CoSS -- a carrier transmission level-based wireless communication protocol.

24-Hr Protection

DEFED system can also integrate LifeSmart or third-party cameras and various sensors (water leak sensor, gas sensor, etc) to achieve comprehensive protection of your family.

LifeSmart Smart Security: - 24Hr Protection

Sample Installation Guide

Sample Layout Plan