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Neeuro Senzeband 2 EEG Band

Neeuro Senzeband 2 EEG Band


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About Neeuro SenzeBand 2 Brain Training Band

Neeuro SenzeBand 2 is a cutting-edge EEG headband that measures brainwaves and physiological states in real-time to improve cognitive skills like learning, focus, memory, and cognitive flexibility. This lightweight, non-invasive device comes with 7 EEG sensors and a PPG sensor that fits all head sizes and shapes. It works with Neeuro's Memorie and MindViewer apps, utilizing machine learning algorithms to provide users with real-time feedback and insights into their mental states.

Enhance Cognitive Abilities with Neeuro SenzeBand 2 and Memorie App for Better Memory, Attention, Decision-making, Flexibility, and Spatial Skills!

The Memorie app, a cognitive training app with 18 engaging games, enhances cognitive functions such as memory, attention, decision-making, cognitive flexibility, and spatial skills. Neeuro SenzeBand 2 is designed to work with Memorie, combining neurotechnology and specially designed games to drive cognitive interventions and improvements. Each unit of SenzeBand 2 comes with a Memorie premium user login, providing users with access to a comprehensive suite of cognitive training tools.

Gain Valuable Insights into Your Mental States with Neeuro SenzeBand 2 and MindViewer App.

The MindViewer app provides users with real-time EEG data and attention level measurement, allowing users to gain insight into their mental states while performing daily activities.

Suitable for All Ages Starting from 5 Years Old

Suitable for all ages, from children as young as 5 years old to seniors, Neeuro brain training helps develop cognitive functions through fun and engaging methods. Continuous training with Neeuro can improve focus, memory, decision-making, visual-spatial skills, and responsiveness, leading to better academic performance and a reduced risk of dementia for seniors.

Children - Neeuro brain training offers a fun and engaging way for children to enhance their cognitive functions. Consistent training can improve their focus, memory, decision-making, visual-spatial skills, and responsiveness, which can lead to improved academic performance. By prioritizing your child's cognitive development with Neeuro brain training, you can help them unlock their full potential and set them up for success in all aspects of life.

Working Adults - Level up your job performance and better cope with the demands of your personal life through Neeuro brain training. This program enhances your cognitive functions and boosts mental agility, giving you the tools you need to succeed.

Senior Adults - It's important to take proactive steps to preserve cognitive health as we age. Neeuro brain training programs can improve our cognitive functions and maintain healthy brain activity. Engaging in brain exercises regularly can help to build a cognitive reserve, which can reduce the risk of developing dementia and other cognitive disorders. Start your cognitive training early to enjoy a better quality of life and to stay sharp well into the golden years.

How Does Neeuro SenzeBand 2 Work?

Using the SenzeBand 2 is simple. Once the user is wearing the device, low-frequency brain signals are picked up by the seven sensors, providing real-time measurement of the user's mental state. The device measures EEG frequency bands such as Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma, which reveal the user's brain states. With a closed-loop system, the Memorie app measures, evaluates, and engages the user in specially designed games that enable them to control certain features with their mind.

If you're interested in Neeuro's ground-breaking brain training solutions, visit our FAQ for more information. Improve your cognitive abilities today with Neeuro SenzeBand 2 and the Memorie App.


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