• $199.00

APEMAN C770 Dash Camera is newly launched features exquisite low-profile appearance, easy operation, and powerful function combined with WiFi and GPS. APEMAN C770 will allow you “Drive without fear, your trip is under control”.


Equipped with a 3 inch touch screen control, you can control the dash camera easily without distraction.

LARGE TOUCH SCREEN - APEMAN C770 is equipped with a 3-inch touch screen, you can simply use your fingertips to achieve all operations. It eliminates the inconvenience of traditional buttons and reduces the possibility of distraction during driving.

REAL 4K UHD RESOLUTION - It shoots 4K Ultra HD video in Single-lens mode, and Dual 1080P Full HD video. OLED screen has better color contrast ratio, better viewing angles, less power consumption when compared to a normal LCD screen.

BUILT-IN WiFi & GPS - Free to check and download your videos on your mobile devices, and share them on social media. The GPS function allows you to easily track location, direction, speed (accurate to km/h or mp/h), date, and time on the computer.

MORE POWERFUL SENSORS - Updated G-Sensor that automatically turns on the Emergency Recording, locks and saves important footage and will not be overwritten. Advanced Sony image sensor will provide better picture quality and night vision.

RELIABLE FEATURES - C770 equipped with many functions, such as Loop Recording, Motion Detection, Parking Monitoring, Time lapse, WDR, Snapshot, etc. The dash cam will Record automatically and shut off automatically when your car is on/off.

Local 1-yr warranty