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Really Need A Car Dash Camera In Singapore?

A Car Dash Camera In Singapore?

You might be wondering how a car camera can save you your pennies, when they already cost quite a bit in the first place. Reiterating the point of insurance claims, accidents do happen, and you might have to fork out a handful excess unless your liability for the accident is under 20%.

To save you from the trouble and money in the long run, short answer is yes. Especially in Singapore where the roads are constantly packed with cars and other vehicles, it is best to invest in a proper dash camera if you’re a vehicle owner here.

What to look for in a Dash Camera?

One of the most obvious factor would be budget. Basic dash cams can cost below $100 while superior models can be up to $600.

Unless you’re one that is okay with basic features like recording footage, a cheaper model will be of choice instead.

Reasons why you should invest in a Dash Camera

Some of the obvious reasons include recording car accidents on the road, (It’s the main purpose of a dash camera anyway) as you will be able to revisit footages that you might record of an accident/incident that happen along your trip. It acts as an ‘eye-witness’ to other drivers as well, your footage might not only save yourself but others as well!

Another point will be that a dash camera lowers your car insurance premiums. Some insurers like Direct Asia car insurance reward car owners with 4% discount off their car insurance premiums if they have a camera installed. It may seem small but compounding it over 10 years of owning your car will be quite the sum.

In other cases, car cameras are useful in helping ‘hit-and-run’ situation when your car is stationary/parked for the night. The best kind of car cameras are those that runs even when you have locked/powered down your car, while the camera is still recording all day.

If you are looking for an affordable 4K Dash Cam, fret not. We got you covered.

APEMAN offers a few models of affordable yet reliable product range.

 Front view picture of C770 dash camera video footage

Pic 1: Front view of image taken from APEMAN C770 Dash Camera footage

APEMAN C770 Dash Cam an affordable 4K Dash Cam offers updated G-Sensor and Emergency Record, the camera will lock and save important videos without you having to worry. Extra features like time-lapse, snapshot and parking monitoring are also included in this dash cam.

Front view of APEMAN C860 dash camera footage

Pic1: Front view of image taken from C860 dash camera

APEMAN C860 Dash Cam provides HD resolution at clarity. The price is cheaper than the C770. As the saying goes, quality comes at a price tag. But if you are on a budget, C860 is worth it.

There are a wide variety of dash cameras available in the market, but the APEMAN Dash Cameras are going to be reliable and sufficient yet ensuring that every cent of your penny is well spent.

To view our APEMAN Dash Cameras: https://eplanetworld.com/collections/dash-cam

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