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ABKO B780 Computer Gaming Headset Virtual 7.1 USB

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About B780 Gaming Headset

- Virtual 7.1 Surrounding Sound
- Sophisticated RGB LED
- Vibration Effect That Maximizes Realism
- Equipped With 50mm Large Neodymium Driver
- Realistic 3D Sound
- Ergonomic Design

ABKO B780 Gamin Headset

Virtual 7.1 Surrounding Sound

B780 gaming headset supports powerful, virtual 7.1 Channel surround system for the enjoyment of dynamic and lively sounds.
- Detects the direction of footsteps, guns, positioning and changes the size of sound by distance from the enemy (Feel real and spatial)

ABKO B780 Gaming Headset: Surround Sound

Sophisticated RGB LED

Sleek design with RGB LED feature that adds luxuriousness to the design
- Colorful RGB LED effects and gaming design is an add on aesthetically

ABKO B780 Gaming Headset: RGB Effect

Vibration Effect That Maximizes Realism
Vibrating technology incorporated to respond to the slightest change in sounds, providing a gaming experience that creates an illusion of being inside the game
- Supports dynamic vibration with on/off controls. Vibrating technology incorporated to respond at the slightest change in sound, providing a gaming experience like never before

ABKO B780 Gaming Headset: Vibration Effect
Equipped With 50MM Large Neodymium Driver
With powerful self-energizing coil unit, feel the three-dimensional sounds when equipped
- Each speaker individually produces sound on its own

ABKO B780 Gaming Headset: Neodymium Driver

Realistic 3D Sound
Double the enjoyment of your game and immerse yourself with the sound

ABKO B780 Gaming Headset : Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic Design
The ergonomic design provides a comfortable fit for gamers, minimizing the burden on long time use and providing a focused environment for extended use.



- Driver Diameter : 50 mm
- Sensitivity (SPL) : 113 +/- 3dB
- Impedance : 16 ohm +/- 15%
- Frequency Response : 20 Hz - 20 Khz
- Rate Power : 10 mw


- Unit diameter : 30 mm
- Frequency Response : 20 Hz - 150 Hz
- Impedance : 16 ohm +/- 15%
- Rate Power : 400 mw
- Maximum Power : 600 mw


- Microphone Dia : 6.0 x 2.7 mm
- Sensitivity : -38 dB +/- 3dB
- Directionality : Omni directional
- Impedance : < 2.2kohm


- Cable / Net Weight : 2.1 m / 410gm
- Connector : USB


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