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What is 7.1 Gaming Headset?

Unlike normal stereo headsets, virtual surround sound gaming headset can improve your gaming performance and your spatial awareness. If you want to take it up a notch, you may even purchase a true surround sound gaming headset that supports 5.1 or 7.1 channels.

What is 7.1 Gaming Headset?

So, you probably have heard and seen or even tried out a couple of gaming headsets for PC. Up till date the gaming industry has taken over by a storm, and so are their peripherals.

Gaming Headset

7.1 gaming headsets are usually recommended for gamers given its surround sound functionality. The best gaming headsets lets you pinpoint your enemy’s exact location and kill them before they even know it, and for a surround sound experience which is very affordable you may want to consider the newly launch ABKO’s Virtual 7.1 B780 Gaming Headset.

What makes ABKO’s gaming headset stand out is not only its affordable price and aesthetics, but here are also some pointers that will make you consider one for your set-up! 

  • With a virtual 7.1 Channel surround system, take your gaming and enjoyment to the next level with dynamic and lively sounds!
  • Having a sophisticated RGB LED equipped with a 50mm large neodymium driver, feel three-dimensional sounds when equipped.
  • The difference with this headset is that each speaker individually produces sound on its own! This way when you are playing your favourite games, be sure to feel totally immersed in the battlefield.

With a range of features like microphone control (flexible) to head band adjustable according to your head shape and vibration controls on the headset panels, the B780 is truly a beast for gamers.

ABKO B780 Virtual 7.1 Gaming Headset

Is a 7.1 gaming headset good for gaming?

The gaming headset is mainly made for gaming purposes, to be able to detect direction and movement of footsteps, guns, and positioning. The sound will change varying the distance from the enemy. To induce this, the headset comes with a vibration effect that incorporates to respond at the slightest change in sound, giving you the ultimate gaming experience.

Also, with its ergonomic design, a comfortable fit for all ears which minimizes the burden on long time usage and provides an all-focused environment for extended use.

Do you need 7.1 surround sound for gaming?

Short answer, no. You do not actually need a surround sound for gaming as there are individuals (like me) who prefers to just play the sound via a speaker or the default built-in speaker.

But hear me out, after trying the B780 and its features, I feel that to totally enjoy the whole game you really need a good headphone with surround sound, and the B780 has it all.

Check out our ABKO B780 Gaming Headset here. 

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