Quair Plasma Mini

 Key Features
  • Powered by Bipolar Ionization Technology
  • All-round protection
  • Full breathing area coverage of 30cm radius
  • Eliminates virus, particulate matter, VOCs, odors
  • Portable and light weight 
  • 8 to 10 hours of battery life
  • Filter-free 
  • Weight: 85gm

Product Description

What’s in the Air?

The air we breathe is made up of oxygen and nitrogen, but also volatile compounds (gaseous), like odors and pollution, and particulate matter (PM). Nowadays, we’re particularly concerned with the airborne transmission of viruses. Droplets created when breathing, talking, coughing or sneezing by an infected person can stay afloat for half an hour or more. We put ourselves in a dangerous position, if these tiny droplets enter our system.


What is Bipolar Ionization?

An air purification method that converts oxygen and water molecules into positive and negative ions that seek out harmful contaminants and neutralizes them.

Bipolar Ionization replicate nature’s air purification method. Tiny needlepoints release a small electric charge to convert airborne molecules into positive and negative ions. When the ions stick onto viruses, they transform into Hydroxyl Radicals (OH) which draw out the life-sustaining Hydrogen bond (H) from the protein of the spike-shaped virus -- without Hydrogen, viruses cannot reproduce and survive. The Hydroxyl Radicals are now stable and returns to our breathing space as moisture and natural gases.


Video: Bipolar Ionization



About Quair Plasma Mini


Creating Fresh Air

Using Bipolar technology, the combination of positive and negative ions completely eliminates viruses, bacteria, VOCs, and odors – filling the air with more than 8 million ions.

Fan It Out

A built-in fan helps the ions reach up to a 30cm radius – covering your entire breathing space.


Style Meets Comfort

Compact and minimalistic design to easily incorporate to your daily routine. Comes with a silicon neck-strap for extra comfort.


Long-Lasting Protection

Get up to 10 hrs. of battery life on a 2 hr. charge -- powered by a 1,200mAh Lithium Polymer battery.


Safety First

Produces low levels of ozone (0.008ppm), well within EPA and FDA standards. It is also CE, FCC, Reach, and ROHS certified.


More Effective

Negative ionizers in the market don’t stand a chance when compared to the Plasma Mini and its Bipolar Ionization Technology.

Quair Plasma Mini is for anyone concerned with the state of their health and especially helpful if you have/ are ...

  • Respiratory issues
  • Low immunity 
  • Allergies / sensitive skin
  • Elderly and kids
  • Essential workers
  • Customer fronting personnel
  • Frequent crowded places
  • Smokers and their companions
  • Pet lovers
  • Live in a Polluted City

 Quair Lab Test


Video:Smoke Elimination Test





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