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What Is Bipolar Ionization Air Purifier and How It Help Combat COVID-19

Quair: Is bipolar ionization air purifier safe

The COVID-19 pandemic has compelled humanity to reassess basics in life such as hygiene practices. With new strains of the virus still inflicting waves of infections globally, we are forced to look at another key aspect in keeping safe - the air we breathe. This is due to the fact that transmissions of the new strains can remain airborne longer and can spread further. In fact, simply breathing normally can spread the virus.

On the bright side, we possess existing technologies that can help mitigate the risk of airborne-transmitted pathogens. Enter bipolar ionization air purifier technology.

What is bipolar ionization?

Bipolar ionization is a technology that has been around for a while. It was first used in the 1970s as a tool to control pathogens in the food manufacturing industry. These days, bipolar ionization air purifier technology is used to improve air quality at home as part of ventilation and air conditioning systems. Experts are now weighing in on the possibility of using it to neutralize the COVID-19 virus in indoor spaces, after being effective in previous outbreaks.

Is bipolar ionization safe? How does bipolar ionization work?
Quair - bipolar ionization air purifier


Are you wondering if bipolar ionization is safe to use? Let’s break it down with how it works first. Bipolar ionization air purifier technology releases atoms into the air that attach to and deactivate harmful substances like mold, bacteria, viruses and allergens. This process takes place when airflow carries oxygen molecules over the bipolar ionization air purifier device. The needlepoints on the device produce positively (H+) and negatively (O2-) charged ions that cluster around harmful substances.

 When these ions make contact with pathogens, they form OH (hydroxyl) radicals on the surface. It then removes the hydrogen from the pathogens’ cell wall, effectively neutralizing potentially infectious particles. Without hydrogen, these pathogens will die and form H20 (water vapor) which are returned safely into the air. 

These ions also attach themselves to droplets and dust particles that can carry harmful viruses. These droplets and dust particles become heavy and enlarged, making it easier for them to get caught in air filters.

Is a bipolar ionization air purifier effective against COVID-19? 


Quair - is bipolar ionization air purifier safe


The new strains of COVID-19 are much more potent than the original that first appeared at the tailend of 2019. Aside from being able to cause more severe effects of infections, its particles can remain in the air for extended periods of time. That said, it is important to employ an effective air-cleaning strategy within indoor spaces, especially at home. 

According to the Environmental Protection Agency in the United States of America, bipolar ionization technology has been effective in managing outbreaks such as H1N1, swine flu, and SARS in the past. Just like regular pathogens in the air, the COVID-19 virus ceases to exist without a hydrogen bond that can be dispelled by the bipolar ionization process. 

An easy-to-use bipolar ionization air purifier like QUAIR Plasma Mini is portable and can be placed anywhere in your home. If you’re asking “is bipolar ionization safe?” It must be said that only harmless vapors and natural gasses are released into your breathing space as a byproduct of the process. With no clear end of the pandemic in sight, it is important that we double down on preventive measures, especially at home where loved ones are meant to be safe.

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