All You Need to Know About the QUAIR Plasma Mini

All You Need to Know About the QUAIR Plasma Mini

quair plasma mini

If there’s one thing the “new normal” has taught us is to be more conscious about our health and well-being. With new COVID-19 variants that are more potent sprouting, it’s only fair that we pay close attention to what we’re actually breathing in daily.

This can be at work, on public transportation, and even in the comfort of our own home. Airborne pathogens are all around us and can cause adverse effects on the health of ourselves and our loved ones. This is where the QUAIR Plasma Mini just might come in handy to keep you in the pink of health.

What is a QUAIR Plasma Mini?

QUAIR Plasma Mini is the best wearable air purifier that eliminates viruses, particulate matter, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and odors. It comes in sleek design options that can complement your accessories and is convenient for daily use. It can provide protection against contaminants for up to 8-10 hours and is super light-weight.

What technology does this best wearable air purifier use?

Considered one of the best wearable air purifiers in the market, the QUAIR Plasma Mini uses a state-of-the-art needlepoint bipolar ionization (NPBI) technology.

When airflow carries oxygen molecules over the bipolar ionization device, the needlepoint produces positively and negatively charged ions. These ions actively seek viruses, germs and harmful substances to attach themselves.

Once attached, they form OH radicals and the ions remove the hydrogen molecules off of pathogens - effectively neutralizing them. This is because pathogens would cease to exist and die without hydrogen and return to the air as H2O or water (vapor).

Is this device effective against COVID-19?

 best wearable air purifier

The QUAIR Plasma Mini can reduce your risk of being infected by pathogens as its bipolar ionization technology is effective in disarming airborne viruses. In the past, bipolar ionization technology has been effective in managing outbreaks like H1N1, swine flu, and SARS. Extensive tests and research are still being conducted to understand the effectiveness of the device against different strains of COVID-19.

Is the device safe to use?

The QUAIR Plasma Mini emits minimal ozone which is not harmful to humans. According to the Food and Drug Administration in the United States, indoor air purifiers should produce no more than 0.08 ppm to be considered safe. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) National Ambient Air Quality Standard for ozone is a maximum 8-hour average outdoor concentration of 0.08 ppm.

QUAIR Plasma Mini upper limit of ozone production is 0.008 ppm, which sits safely within the approved health standards.

What are users saying about the device?

Here are some of the comments we received about QUAIR Plasma Mini from social media:

quair plasma mini


 “I’ve always had nasal congestion or runny nose since I was pregnant. But when I started to use #QuairPlasmaMini, it reduced my symptoms and I feel much better.” - Nina

“#QuairPlasmaMini is perfect for my daughter who experiences sinus that happens anytime at home or school. Now, her sinuses stopped acting up and she can breathe comfortably.” - Lwhjoyce 

“I used to have morning sinuses, but when I use #QuairPlasmaMini before going to sleep, I wake up feeling great. It has helped reduce and improve my sinus symptoms.” - Pricia

“After using #QuairPlasmaMini, my nasal passages are less congested and I realize that it takes more dust to trigger or irritate my nose.” - Jethro 

“My son has never had a morning without a blocked or runny nose. But after a week of using #QuairPlasmaMini for 5 to 6 hours a day, his sensitive nose has improved by 40%! After two months of using the device, he stopped having a blocked or runny nose in the mornings.” - Molly Chong

“My daughter has been using #QuairPlasmaMini for about a month now and her sinus issues have greatly improved. We live on a high floor facing the road and are more prone to dust. She even knows how to activate the device on her own now.” - Limkatrina

“The weight of the device is light and it’s easy to hang around your neck. Its design is fashionable and it’s not bulky. Since three months ago, I’ve seen improvements in my breathing. Excellent device for maximum protection.” - Jason

Get quality indoor and ambient air quality today with the QUAIR Plasma Mini, which can offer protection from airborne pathogens and viruses for yourself and loved ones at home.

Take control of your indoor and ambient air quality with #QuairPlasmaMini! #ProtectYourself and your children with a breakthrough portable air purifier with #BipolarIonizationTech

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