6 Easy Ways to Improve Indoor Quality

6 Easy Ways to Improve Indoor Quality

 improve indoor air quality


“The new normal” of COVID-19 has forced humanity to shift to a very different way of going about daily lives. For example, many enterprises have realised that their employees can operate remotely. As a result, we spend more time indoors and are exposed to various pathogens that lurk within the comfort of our homes. This is why it’s super important to improve indoor air quality to keep you and loved ones healthy always.

Causes of indoor air pollution

According to the United Kingdom government, over 9,000 of annual deaths are attributed to indoor air pollution. Surprisingly, this type of pollution takes place due to common things at home. This includes furniture or gas stove which can release harmful gasses and other debris into the air. Other causes of indoor air pollution also include dust, mold, and pet dander (hair).

Tips to improve indoor air quality

The World Health Organization (WHO) has listed a host of health problems that may arise from indoor pollution which include serious respiratory and cardiovascular conditions such as lung cancer and heart disease. To keep yourself and the family safe from such ailments, try practicing some of the following tips to improve indoor air quality:


Create more natural ventilation


causes of indoor air pollution


Natural ventilation is described as the movement of air through open windows and doors. It improves indoor air quality by carrying out pollutants that usually tend to remain indoors. When practiced regularly, natural ventilation can even help regulate indoor temperature and reduce humidity, which are conditions needed by dust mites to survive.


Avoid smoking indoors

The smoke emitted from cigarettes is detrimental to the smoker and those around them as secondhand smoke. Cigarette smoke contains more than 7,000 harmful chemicals, of which hundreds are toxic and about 70 can cause cancer. Refraining from smoking at home can help reduce children’s risk of developing lung infections, asthma and allergies.


Improve indoor air quality #3 Use a kitchen exhaust fan

As mentioned prior, the use of conventional kitchen stoves releases harmful gasses and particles into the air. Installing and using an exhaust fan in the kitchen can help carry these harmful elements out of the home and improve indoor quality in the long-run.


Reduce the use of air fresheners

Air fresheners certainly can make your home smell a lot better and mask any odors. However, most air fresheners that have high concentrations of fragrance can contain various synthetic chemicals that reduce the quality of air at home. Opt for fragrance-free products or organic options such as essential oil diffusers to keep your home smelling nice.


Don’t forget to dust and clean

Regular dusting or vacuum cleaning can get rid of dust, pollen, and pet hair, all of which can cause respiratory irritation. Be sure to get into those hard-to-reach areas such as in between couch cushions, underneath the bed, and on top of cupboards. While you’re in cleaning mode, keep an eye out for damp areas which are perfect conditions for dust mites and mold to thrive.


Improve indoor air quality #6 Invest in a quality air purifier

 improve indoor air quality


Air purifiers are highly effective in removing airborne pathogens in the home space. QUAIR Plasma Mini is a portable air purifier system which is equipped with state-of-the-art bipolar ionization technology. The technology neutralizes various pathogens, bacteria, viruses and allergens by removing the hydrogen element from their cell walls. These pathogens die and form H20 which is safely released back into the air, rendering good air quality.


The Environmental Protection Agency in the United States has revealed that bipolar ionization technology has been effective in managing outbreaks such as H1N1, swine flu and SARS in the past.


The pandemic has taught us to pay extra attention to hygiene and the air we breathe. Improve your indoor air quality today with the right measures in place to keep yourself and loved ones safe always in these extraordinary conditions.


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