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Samsung Watch 3 (41mm) LTE, Mystic Silver

Samsung Watch 3 (41mm) LTE, Mystic Silver


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Product Features

  • The only smartwatch with precision rotating bezel for app navigation.
  • Bigger display, yet lighter and slimmer for comfort wear.
  • Leather strap. Premium design, down to the strap.
Product Description

The most advanced health monitor on a Samsung smartwatch

The watch that watches out for you. Galaxy Watch3 combines smartphone-level productivity and leading health technology in one premium and timeless device. Our most advanced Galaxy watch yet, Galaxy Watch3 helps you effortlessly manage your life and health — putting your well-being in your hands.

The only smartwatch with precision rotating bezel for app navigation
Take your pick of two sizes: 45mm or 41mm, each with a face you won't soon forget. Available in premium Mystic Black, Mystic Silver, and Mystic Bronze hues, the elegant design is outlined in a unique rotating bezel for a look that works around the clock.


Bigger display, Yet lighter and slimmer for comfort wear
Outlined in a subtle rotating bezel, it's easier to see and focus on what matters with an even bigger screen. Galaxy Watch3 is thinner and smaller, yet about 15% lighter with a sophisticated look that's ideal for your wrist with its slimmed down frame.

Premium design, down to the strap
The Galaxy Watch3's exquisite design complements with a genuine leather strap. The aged leather possesses a natural appearance which also protects against discolouration.

Take your health into your own hands, with your wrist

Monitor and track your blood pressure
Check your blood pressure via the Samsung Health Monitor App without regularly needing a cuff. Firstly, calibrate with a cuff, then smart sensors measure your blood pressure through pulse wave analysis as you wear it. Check it daily to track trends and get reports right on your phone.

Follow your heart rhythm with ECG monitoring
Touch the watch's back button for up to 30 seconds to have its built-in electrode sensor measure your heart rhythm. This ECG on the go tests for atrial fibrillation (Afib), then shows your measurements at a glance. See results over time from your phone, get the report, and share for more insights.

Breathe easier with built-in oxygen measurement
Galaxy Watch3 uses red LED and infrared rays to estimate your SpO2 levels, or the amount of oxygen in your bloodstream. Because this oxygen saturation is directly linked to physical performance, you can use Galaxy Watch3 to push your routine to the next level.

Fall detection for emergencies
Explore fearlessly. Galaxy Watch3 automatically detects hard falls with its enhanced accelerometer, sending an SOS to your emergency contact with your location.

Get a better night's rest
Galaxy Watch3 records your REM cycles, deep sleep, and total sleep time to score and review the quality of your rest. Samsung has partnered the National Sleep Foundation to include educational content and sleep tips right on your device, to help you understand and improve your sleep patterns.

Spoilt for choice with workout programs
Equipped with over 120 home workout programs to choose from, Galaxy Watch3 helps get your body moving at your own pace. Simply select from your phone and cast to your TV – as you work out, it'll display your heart rate in real time. Use the Ridge Sport Band for even more accurate stats.

Improve every stride
Galaxy Watch3's running guide helps you keep pace with tips while you are on a run. The advanced algorithm analyzes how you move to help improve your form and prevent injuries. You can even measure VO2 max values and keep up with your daily, weekly and monthly performance right from your phone.

Keep the conversation going
When you get a new text, Galaxy Watch3 shows your chat history so you can effortlessly follow the conversation. You can also view images seamlessly, making it easier to keep pace while working out.

Fuss-free texting with Smart Reply
Stay connected with others even on the go without hassle. Galaxy Watch3's Smart Reply analyzes texts and photos you receive and gives you suggested replies, including from categories such as food, celebrations, selfies, and more.

More fun in your messages
Bitmoji stickers brings you fun new ways to communicate. Personalise your Bitmoji to look just like you and use Bitmoji stickers to jazz up the way you talk to family and friends.

The beat goes on and on
Music playback doesn't need to stop as you go from one device to another. Play Spotify on your Galaxy Note20, then load the Spotify app icon on your watch face to easily switch between songs from your Galaxy Watch3. 

Team up with other apps
We have put together a team of Galaxy Apps to assist in your day-to-day. Locate your misplaced phone, view your phone's photo gallery, or check reminders all from your watch. 

Leave your phone at home
Experience new journeys without your phone. You can still call, stream music, and check your steps — all from your watch. Disconnect from your phone, while staying connected with life.

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