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OPPO Watch Free

OPPO Watch Free


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About OPPO Watch Free

All-Scenario Sleep Monitoring
Put on the OPPO Watch Free, and let it monitor your entire sleep journey, from before, during, to after bedtime.

Can't Sleep?
OPPO Watch Free can record your phone use before bed and generate a report1 with a trend of screen time and sleep quality, giving you a glimpse into the impact of screen use on sleep quality. It also offers a sleep tool to help you reduce sleep disturbance caused by screen use and fall asleep quickly.

Sleep Well
OPPO Watch Free can activate its linked phone's Sleep mode2, which mutes notifications and turns the phone's interface gray, making the phone less addictive. In addition, a bedtime reminder will tell you to put down your phone and go to sleep.

It’s time to track your sleep quality
OPPO Watch Free’s new Snore Assessment will combine your SpO₂ and heart rate data to assess your risk of breathing problems. It’s a brand-new comprehensive sleep health guardian, right on your wrist.

An Almost Weightless Comfort
It’s only 33 grams. The breathable watch strap is smooth to the touch. You might even forget you were wearing it to sleep.

The best of both worlds
16.7 million colors, on one big yet airy 1.64-inch screen. Watch vivid colors dance on this scratch-resistant glass with a specially engineered 2.5D curved screen.
1.64-inch AMOLED, Lightweight large display
Display color 326PPI Pixel density

One Watch for Every Outfit
Take a photo of your outfit, and our AI will customize the watch face to match your look. Show off your style, starting from your watch.

14-Day Long-lasting Battery.
Charge up for the day in just 5 minutes.
No need to worry about battery life since the watch can last up to 14 days under typical usage.

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