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OPPO Enco Air 2

OPPO Enco Air 2


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About OPPO Enco Air 2

Extra-large Driver for Extraordinary Sound Quality
Featuring 13.4 mm large composite titanized diaphragm drivers, the Air2 delivers higher sound quality than the last generation, Air, to offer you an extraordinary music experience, with thumping bass, crystal-clear treble, and rich mid-range tones that linger in your ears. The more you listen, the better it gets.

Unique Bass Booster More Rhythmic Music
The Air2 also has unique bass boosters that increase the volume of the chambers for more dynamic bass, which sounds as immersive as if you were at a live concert, whether you listen to pop, rock, or electronic music.

Enco Live Sound Effects
Listen to Songs Like a Professional

Snug and Comfortable Fit
With an ultra-light design where each earbud only weighs 3.5 g, close to the weight of a marshmallow, and an ergonomic design that fits snugly in the ear, the Air2 is comfortable all day long. You'll barely notice the earbuds in your ears.

One Charge to Enjoy Music All Day
Once fully charged, the earbuds can play music for 4 hours. The case can also charge the earbuds multiple times, meaning you can get up to 24 hours of music playback.

Super-fast Audio Transmission
With Bluetooth 5.2 and binaural synchronous transmission technology, audio and visuals are always in sync. In addition, to enjoy your games without any lag, you can turn on Game mode to reduce the latency of audio to as low as 80ms.⁴

Crystal-clear Vocals
With AI algorithms that simulate the human binaural hearing system, the Air2 can efficiently pick up vocals even in noisy environments and filter out ambient noise, so you can take calls clearly without needing to increase the volume.

IPX4 Rated Water Resistance
The Air2 is rated IPX4 water resistant, so you can still enjoy your music while in the rain or sweating it out during a workout

Flash Connect
The earbuds can instantly connect to your mobile device as soon as you open the case.

Compatible with iOS and Android
OPPO Enco Air 2 works with both iOS and Android devices.

Enhanced Touch Control Experience
The newly designed touch area is easy to see and use. You can use it to answer calls, change tracks, and adjust the volume.

Touch and Hold
Left earbud: Reduce the volume

Right earbud: Increase the volume

Next track

Answer/End a call

Take a photo

Enter Game mode

* Disabled by default; you need to enable the option in settings

Double-tap Either
Earbud to Take a Photo⁵
To take a selfie, simply double-tap your earbud. Taking photos is so easy!

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