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Honor Magic6 Pro 5G Smart Phone

Honor Magic6 Pro 5G Smart Phone


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The Honor Magic6 Pro 5G Smart Phone is a powerful device with advanced features, including the innovative Magic OS8.0 platform. With this technology, users can experience lightning-fast download speeds, seamless multitasking, AI and exceptional battery life. Stay connected and productive with the Honor Magic6 Pro 5G Smart Phone.

Product Features

- Next Generation Falcon Camera System
- Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 Chipset
- Honor Second-Generation Silicon-Carbon Battery
- Honor Nanocrystal Shield
- All-range Low Power LTPO Eye Comfort Display
- MagicOS 8.0, Magic Personalized

Product Specification

- 6.80-inch Full HD+ OLED display
- Resolution: 2800 X 1280 pixels
- Quad-Curve Floating Screen
- Gestures supported

- Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 Processor
- 1×Cortex-X4 3.3GHz+3×Cortex-A720 3.2GHz+2×Cortex-A720 3.0GHz+2×Cortex-A520 2.3GHz
- Adreno 750 GPU
- Enhanced chipset including:
1. RF Enhanced Chip HONOR C1+
2. Discrete Security chip S1
3. Power Enhanced Chip HONOR E1

- RAM: 12GB
- Internal storage: 512GB
- Expandable storage: No

- Triple-camera setup:
- 50-megapixel Wide Main Camera (f/1.4-f/2.0, OIS)
- 50-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens (f/2.0)
- 180-megapixel Periscope Telephoto Camera (f/2.6, 2.5x Optical Zoom, 100x Digital Zoom, OIS)

- Front camera:
- 50-megapixel (F/2.0) selfie camera
- 3D depth camera

- Battery capacity: 5600 mAh
- Fast charging support: Yes
- Wireless Charging: Yes

Operating System:
- Magic OS 8.0 (based on Android 14)

- 5G / 4G support
- Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax/be
- Bluetooth 5.3
- USB Type-C

Additional Features:
- Dual SIM support (comes with esim support on Sim 2 slot)
- *IP68 supported
- AI capabilities

*HONOR Magic6 Pro is rated as IP68 for splash, water, and dust resistance under IEC standard 60529 and was tested under controlled laboratory conditions. Splash, water, and dust resistance are not permanent conditions and resistance may decrease over time with normal use. Do not charge the phone when it is wet or in moist environments. Refer to the manual for cleaning and drying instructions. Submersion in liquid and the resulting damage is not covered by the warranty. IP68 rating means that based on certain defined test conditions, the device is protected against harmful ingress of static water at up to 1.5 meters, for up to 30 minutes, meanwhile the temperature difference between water and device is not more than 5°C.

Warranty Information

1. Please refer to HONOR (SG) Warranty Policy.

2. Register your warranty HERE

3. Location of SERVICE CENTRE for HONOR products

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The data comes from the HONOR lab, The drop-resistant level is tested by comparing the HONOR NanoCrystal Shield with ordinary glass on carriers of the same weight. As a precision electronic product, a mobile phone is still at risk of damage if dropped. Please take care to avoid drops and collisions.
The screen is equipped with 4320Hz PWM Dimming, which takes effect in low-brightness mode. Please refer to the actual experience. This product is not medical equipment and is not available for treatment.
With a round-corner design on the display, the diagonal length of the screen is 6.80 inches when measured as a standard rectangle (the actual field of view is slightly smaller).
The screen supports a maximum refresh rate at 120Hz. The actual refresh rate may vary depending on different brightness, application interfaces and gaming images. Please refer to the actual experience.
The data comes from the HONOR Lab.
The phone is not professionally water resistant. It is splash-proof, water-resistant and dust-proof under normal use. It has been tested under controlled laboratory conditions and reaches the IP68 level in accordance with GB/T 4208-2017 (China) / IEC 60529 (international) standards. Splash, water, and dust resistances are not permanently effective, and the protective performance may decrease due to daily wear and tear.
The image definition in different camera modes may vary. Please refer to the actual experience. The maximum definition should be experienced in the HD camera mode.
This factor refers to the highest supported digital zoom. Please refer to the actual experience.
122° is the camera parameter. The wide-angle coefficient of the photo after distortion correction is slightly lower than this value.
90° is the camera parameter. The wide-angle coefficient of the photo after distortion correction is slightly lower than this value.
AI Motion Sensing Capture supports intelligent high-speed shutter for sports scene, such as jumping, running, motions of cats and dogs, people smiling, etc. The specific effect will vary depending on the scenario. Please refer to your actual experience, Auto Capture can be activated in the camera settings or interface.
For starburst effect, Please use f/2.0 aperture.
The typical battery capacity is 5600mAh, and the rated battery capacity is 5500mAh.
The supported maximum wired charging power is 80W when going with the original SuperCharge charger. The 66W wireless charging is also supported with the original SuperCharge charger. Please purchase the corresponding charger separately. The actual charging power will intelligently change with the scenarios. Please refer to the actual experience.
AI Privacy Call is effective at a volume of 9 bars and below. This function can considerably reduce the sound leakage of the earpiece but is not completely soundproof. The sound leakage is related to the noise level of the surrounding environment. Please refer to the actual experience.