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Enhance your lifestyle by playing games that keep you mentally and socially active. Paired with SenzeBand, Memorie lets you play 16 cognitive games (with more on the way) while ensuring that you are provided with an accurate way to track your brain fitness.

Memorie: An application that can exercise 5 brain functions at the same time

Attention refers to the direction and concentration of the mind on a certain thing. Attention is not only one of the five basic factors of intelligence (the rest are memory, observation, imagination, and thinking), but it is also the basis of the other four intelligence factors. Therefore, exercising attention is the starting point for strengthening the brain. Neeuro's Memorie App can exercise the breadth and persistence of attention, and lay the foundation for expanding brain power.

A person's memory depends on the ability to store and retrieve information. Memory can be divided into short-term memory and long-term memory. Short-term memory is also called working memory. It refers to the system that people temporarily store information in the process of completing cognitive tasks, so that information can be processed to achieve language understanding and performance. Decision-making and problem-solving purposes. Therefore, exercising working memory can strengthen the ability to process information in life and make it easier to deal with problems.

The basis of decision-making lies in a series of awareness activities of collecting, sorting out, and making judgments on information. Decision-making ability training not only requires exercise of logical thinking and reasoning, but also strengthens the ability of data collection, storage and comprehensive induction, so that decision-making ability can be more comprehensively improved.

The sense of spatial direction refers to a person's ability to understand the relative and absolute position of an object in space. People with a strong sense of spatial direction can easily remember the location of an object in the room or imagine a flat two-dimensional image as a three-dimensional image. The sense of spatial direction is very important for recognizing the way, viewing maps, sports or participating in ball games.

The mental flexibility detects the player's ability to switch attention quickly. In daily life, we often need to quickly switch to handle different tasks: such as cooking after reading a recipe, interrupting work to answer the phone, and even students switching from math class to Chinese class require a certain degree of attention conversion ability. Enhancing the flexibility of thinking allows us to deal with changes in our daily lives more calmly and to engage in the current life better.

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