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ABKO MG03 Cordless Massage Gun

ABKO MG03 Cordless Massage Gun


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A Body Massage is a great way to take care of your muscles and relax after a hard day’s work. The magic of a well-executed massage is that it can help you perform better and even reduce stress. A Body Massage will also make you feel less tired, thus reducing the chances of injury during your workouts. To have the best possible massage experience, you need to have the right equipment.

Introducing the ABKO MG03 Massage Gun

ABKO MG03 Cordless Massage Gun

The ABKO MG03 massager gun is a light-weight, ergonomically designed vibrating massager. It is a device that delivers vibrations to the body on demand and is ideal for such a task as relieving muscle pain and muscle tension, reducing stress and tension and stimulating blood circulation.

It features a powerful motor and three pre-set levels of intensity.

ABKO MG03 Massage Gun Speed Level

Different Modes of Massage

It's time to get rid of all tension and get those muscles in shape. An ABKO MG03 is all you need to give your muscles a good work out. The ABKO massager gun is very simple to use, just plug it in, swipe oil on the targeted area and massage away. The three-speed vibrations will do the rest.

This cordless massage gun is designed to make the user feel relaxed and calm. It has a triple mode for the user to select from - Deep tissue or Medium/Light massage. It has a strong motor that delivers powerful massage. This device is perfect for people who have back pain and other joint pains. The device provides deep and light massage in an easy way.

Different Type of Kneading Heads

The massage heads are designed to meet the needs of different body parts. This gun has spherical head for large muscle group, cylindrical head mainly for deep tissues and U-shaped head for side tissues. You can choose which massage head you want according to your need.

Large Capacity and Long Usage 

With a large battery capacity, MG03 cordless massage gun can provide up to 5.50 hours of uninterrupted, cordless massage therapy.  

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