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10 Best Home Automations Ideas | LifeSmart

Home automation makes our lives easier by making it possible to control the comfort and security of your home from anywhere in the world.


Here are 10 of the best home automation ideas to make your life easier and more convenient.

1. LifeSmart Smart Station

Centre of the smart home ecosystem, making all devices work seamlessly.

The Smart Station is the gateway in our smart system. Being the core, it connects all your devices and sensors wirelessly. Be informed of changing conditions, trigger actions, also be able to remotely control various aspects of your home or office. The Smart Station links up all your devices to make work seem seamlessly simple together.

2. LifeSmart Smart Home Control Centre - Nature 7

Our all-in-one control panel called the Nature 7 integrates multiple ways to make your house interactive. Designed with 4 customizable physical scene buttons and a 10.25” high-definition touch screen, it is not only a personal smart housekeeper but a property terminal you can keep within your reach. If you are looking for a smaller alternative to this, do look at our Nature Mini Pro here.

3. LifeSmart Smart Starry Switch

The Starry Switch adopts an extremely low power consumption technology and works independently without external power. No flicker, safe and stable, the Starry Switch can also be paired with other smart devices like the Cube Motion Sensor and Cube Door/Window Sensor to trigger smart scenes like light when you are back or even leaving the house.

4. LifeSmart Smart Remote Control

This remote control works with the Smart Station, with a simple design, humanized user experience and smart triggering custom buttons, gain perfect control of your smart home using this device.

5. LifeSmart Smart Sensors – Cube Motion Sensor, Door Sensor, Environmental Sensor

The Cube Motion Sensor uses PIR (Passive Infrared Detection) technology to detect movement. Notifications will be sent automatically when a movement is detected via the LifeSmart App. Lights can be turn on automatically when you enter a dim room, and with the help of the LifeSmart cloud services, your home will become automated and smart.

The Cube Door/ Window Sensor gives a real time status on door and window. One simple click can trigger a series of action with the smart devices. The device is also equipped with a vibration sensor, when someone tries to break in you will be notified instantly.

The Environmental Sensor provides real time temperature, humidity, and light detection. With a battery life that lasts up to 10 years, this device is suitable for any door/window with a long-distance signal.

6. LifeSmart Security Solutions – Indoor Camera, DEFED Indoor Siren, Outdoor Camera

The Indoor Camera is an intelligent camera with motion detection, which allows for monitoring without receiving false alerts. Supporting a series of features like real-time live view and two-way talk with a 1080P high-definition real-time monitoring, this camera ensures you never miss any moment anytime and anywhere.

The DEFED Indoor Siren provides security as it is a warning device that works in your home security system to scare away intruders with a loud alarm.
The Outdoor Camera is installed outside your house for surveillance, with HD wide-angle lens, real-time monitoring, you can rest ease when you are out of your home.

7. LifeSmart Quicklink Curtain Motor

This product comes with customizable rail length, easy installation and easy one tap controls to close and open curtains by percentage, it is a one stop buy for smart curtains.

8. LifeSmart Smart Security Solution – Smart Door Lock

The Smart Door Lock utilizes independent encryption safety zone and fingerprint acquisition. Not only it enhances the security performance of the door lock, but it also improves user experience and guarantees user privacy security.

9. LifeSmart Smart Lighting & Entertainment – Cololight

Want to create your design with hexagonal light blocks and control the lighting and other various effects? Check out the Cololight, with 16 million colours to create various lighting effects to colour changing along with music, make your home alive with the Cololight.

10. LifeSmart Energy Saving

By using sensors, real time monitoring to help us with the lights as and when we need to adjusting room to a comfortable temperature with environmental sensors and smart control. The LifeSmart products will not only save energy for your utility bills but also makes your daily tasks simple.

Why LifeSmart Over Others?

Smart Home Companies

There are quite a couple out there in Singapore, including Koble, L3 Homeation, Inahus Smart Home and of course, LifeSmart. Depending on your needs and wants, the solutions and products varies with each household, and at LifeSmart Singapore we strive to be inclusive and diverse to accommodate every household needs.


LifeSmart - Smart Home Solutions


LifeSmart Singapore has a complete smart home system where everything you connect with the LifeSmart App is the centre and core of your smart home devices. It has a robust, intuitive, and user-friendly interface that provides full control of LifeSmart proprietary hardware devices.

The range of products and services available to transform your home into a smart home is more than enough, a one-stop solution for all your smart home needs. LifeSmart not only brings ease and convenience to your home environment, but it is also energy-saving and secured as well.

LifeSmart Singapore also offers a package deal that requires you to only sit back and relax while we provide the service and upgrade to your home. To find out more on the products we offer, here is a table that shows an example of the budgeting for typical household type.

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