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5 situations you wished you had cleaner air! You can now with a small air purifier

We live in a world where respiratory or breathing health has become a major priority. The pandemic has taught us to be more cautious in social settings and how that can impact the wellbeing of loved ones around us. Along with this change in mindset is the advancement of technology.

Portable air purifiers have become more effective in cleaning the air we breathe and can even hang from your neck! Here are five situations you wished you had cleaner air, which you can get with a small air purifier like Quair Plasma Go.

At the office

While some of us still have hybrid setups for work, most of us have returned to the office. This means that we’re physically participating in various meetings with co-workers in closed spaces. It increases our risk of contracting airborne viruses and bacteria from others and falling sick.

In addition, some of us are more comfortable having lunch breaks in the pantry and have to share these common spaces with others. A portable air purifier like Quair Plasma Go can not only effectively kill bacteria, viruses and fungi in closed meeting rooms or the pantry, it is also suitable to be placed right beside you when you work. Yes, it’s the perfect desktop air purifier too!

small air purifier

At public healthcare spaces

Hospitals and clinics are prone to having viruses, and understandably so as these places are where people go to when they’re unwell. You might find yourself in a situation when there is a surge in flu cases during specific times in the year, and you have to see a doctor. In situations such as this, masking up can provide a layer of protection. However, it does not completely eliminate the possibility of catching something.

The Quair Plasma Go small air purifier comes with a cutting-edge Germagic™ HEPA 13 filter which effectively eliminates 99% of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) and bacteria. Now you can feel extra safe at hospitals and clinics!

At cafes or restaurants

Other than the importance of exercising caution in what we come into contact with using our hands, the pandemic has also taught us about how viruses can easily be transmitted. Hence, the ceasing of operations for restaurants, cafes and the like during the circuit breaker.

Arguably the best air purifier in Singapore, the Quair Plasma Go small air purifier uses Plasma ION-Bipolar Ionization technology that can neutralise the air you breathe. And you’ve guessed it, yes, it’s even effective in a social setting like cafes or restaurants - indoor or al fresco! 

small air purifier

A small air purifier in the car?

You’re probably wondering if there’s even such a thing as a car air purifier in Singapore. The answer is a resounding “yes!” The Quair Plasma Go small air purifier is especially useful if you often share rides with friends and family. This can be to work or simply just getting around for a quick coffee. With a battery that lasts up to 11 hours, it can also be perfect to keep everyone within the vehicle safe from airborne viruses and pathogens during road trips up north.

That’s not all, it can also be very useful if you have kids who have sensitive noses and dust that collect between the seats. The portable air purifier is chargeable via a USB Type-C cord, making it super useful to get cleaner air in the car.

small air purifier


In the comfort of your home

For many, juggling between setting a time for deep home cleaning and work can be a major challenge. What we don’t realise is that deep cleaning gets rid of fungi and allergens within our homes. It helps keep allergies away and can reduce nasal irritations. The ultra-light and portable Quair Plasma Go small air purifier comes equipped with a triple-action coating which effectively filters the air in your home and gives you cleaner air.

Apart from being dubbed arguably the best room air purifier, it is also really useful as an air purifier for living rooms when you have guests over, or in the bedroom when you’re looking for unperturbed sleep. That’s right, you can even call it an air purifier for bedrooms!

Convinced that cleaner air everywhere is no longer a luxury? Get Quair Plasma Go now or find out more about Quair’s cutting-edge technology from our frequently asked questions (FAQ).

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