ABKO MG01 & MG03 Massage Guns

ABKO MG01 & MG03 Massage Guns

Being lightweight, ergonomically designed with precise vibration, the ABKO massage gun is a device that is ideal for tasks like relieving muscle pain and muscle tension, reducing stress and stimulating blood circulation.

What Can ABKO Massage Gun do?

This cordless massage gun can provide up to 5 hours of uninterrupted, cordless massage therapy. It features a powerful motor and three preset levels of intensity namely:

  • One for relaxation (light massage)
  • One for deep tissue and
  • One for increased flexibility and athletic performance

The massage gun is also designed to provide users with a relaxing massage that can be stress and tension reducing. A simple yet easy to operate device it is, the clear interface allows you to adjust the intensity of the massage. Powered by a rechargeable battery, which can easily be charged using a USB cable.

3 Different Speed Levels

The different speed levels ensure deep penetration into muscle tissues. The device allows the user to gain control safely and easily over the depth and intensity of the massage session to suit the needs. With 3 levels ranging from 1600RPM, 1900RPM and 2400RPM, the device uses BLDC Motor (energy-efficient, does not increase noise even if you are on a higher level and does not decrease performance of the motor overtime) to operate.

The speed levels can be controlled by an intuitive LED display on the device. Simply press the power button once to operate at level 1 speed. Press again to increase the speed and turns off when the button is pushed again at level 3.

Small, Light, Quiet

The MG01 & MG03 weighs at only 420 grams with a 190mm x 195mm dimension, it can easily fit into any storage box or space required to store. The grip is also equipped with a non-slip and comfortable material that allows the user to hold on the device for longer period of use.

Which Massage Head to Use: 3 Different Types of Heads

The massage gun not only comes with 3 different speed levels, but it also has 3 different sets of heads for you to target specific areas of your body!


ABKO Massaging Heads


For better understanding, you could view the image above to see which head is perfectly shaped and designed to focus on the targeted areas.

With a 2000mAH battery capacity, you do not need to worry about constantly having to recharge your massage guns. The battery will last you up to 5.5 hours of playtime and can be charged using a USB cable! How effective and convenient is that!


Be it a gift or something for yourself, the ABKO Massage Guns if perfect for either. Massaging is not just a way to relieve stress but a very popular way of relaxing and rejuvenating, this device can help you get your massage anytime and anywhere. With the 3 different modes and heads that it comes with, it is simple and everything you need in a massage gun.

Not forgetting we have a 1-year warranty for the massage guns, so it is really a steal for such a price! View the ABKO Massage Guns here for yourself.


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