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Bathroom Scrubber


The Usual Weekend Routine – Cleaning Bathrooms & Toilets

Scrubbing the bathroom and toilets clean has always been a much-dreaded job!

Scrubber Shower

Taking out a spikey brown scrubber and cleaning detergent, it takes too much time just to scrub off the slime and stains stuck on the bathroom floor and walls.

Such menial task tires our bodies, especially when we squat down just to scrub the floor. Our backs will even ache after we clean the bathroom.

Spinning Scrubber - Better Cleaning Method

Is there an easier way to scrub the bathroom clean without the aches?

Bathroom Scrubber

Yes! With this wireless bathroom scrubber, we will no longer experience such pains. The wireless, motorised shower scrubber helps us to complete the bathroom/toilet cleaning session in no time at all.

Equipped with 3 brush heads moving at 220 rpm, the wireless shower scrubber makes cleaning the bathroom & toilet a cinch. It is designed such that soap bubbles cannot splatter everywhere, preventing a soapy, foamy mess from forming.

Furthermore, the brush heads that come with the set are very useful! Not only is there the standard, round-flat brush head, but there is also the mushroom-shaped and cone-shaped brush head that comes with the scrubber.  Normally, manual bathroom scrubbers have a flat brush head to clean the tiles of the wall or floor. And that’s it.

The mushroom brush head can be used to clean the insides of toilets, as it is rounded, covering a larger surface area, while the corner head brush can swipe around corners and edges. It saves so much effort compared to using a manual bathroom scrubber!

With this modernised shower scrubber, my weekly chores can be completed in no time.

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