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Entertainment for the family and on the road | APEMAN M4S Projector



Mobile Portable Pocket Projector? (M4S)

Look no further, as the title suggest; the Apeman M4s is the perfect device for someone who values portability over power. This small projector fits into any pocket/ small bag, making it the ideal product for campers or even a romantic staycation. Comes with a built-in battery and doubles as a portable charger, you can only imagine bringing out a portable charger but with the functionality of projecting a screen anytime, anywhere! According to the Lifewire, the M4s is crowned the best portable projector for 2021.

Source: https://www.lifewire.com/best-mini-projectors-4139747

Depending on the source, this mini power pack can project a screen resolution of up to 1080p with a brightness of 50 ANSI Lumens. Adding on, the projector includes a mini tripod that you can tote around from point to point.

Being one of the smallest projectors out there, the M4S has a very sleek design yet boasting high quality stereo sounds for its compact look. Not only does the tiny speakers pack a punch, but the set-up process is also quick and easy. Simply plug in the HDMI and link it with your device and the M4S will do the rest.

APEMAN Portable Projector

What about a home projector? (LC350)

Bored? Working from home? Or do you just want something affordable and unique like the APEMAN LC350? This home projector has all it takes to be powerful yet affordable in its own ways. With a 1080P HD display, the LED life supports up to 55,000 Hours and is compatible with TV Stick, VGA, PS4, HDMI, TF, AV and USB.

The bright color projection, amazing movie experience and incredible mute fan with dual speakers makes it even more a good home projector. At only $139 SGD, this affordable home device will set you up for the best movie experience you can ever dream off in the comfort of your own home!

One tip when using the LC350 is that the product acts as a planetarium too. Simply hook up your laptop with the projector and download a free software and you can have the universe in your home. For a free planetarium software, I would recommend https://celestia.space/.

Ultimately, if you are looking to experiment with home cinemas, perhaps having a kid’s room you want to turn into a little cinema for movies or gaming, the APEMAN LC350 is a brilliant starter projector.

Projector LC350

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