Where to buy phone case

The Complete Guide to Buying Phone Case

Introduction: Why you should buy a phone case

Mobile phones have taken over the world for telecommunications by storm in the recent decade for now. And these fragile devices that you hold so dear to often have a way of falling off your hands or a table which results in a very painful aftermath for both you and your wallet.

To protect your phone, many of us would not only get a screen protector (for cracks if the phone drops) but also more importantly a phone case. The debate of whether or not to buy a phone case is over. A sleek phone case will protect your phone from scratches and dents while giving it an extra level of style.

In this segment today we will be seeing the different places available to get a phone case for you!

Where to buy phone cases in Singapore?

Where to buy phone case

There are many ways to purchase a phone case, the majority of the retail and online shops these days have almost every model that you are looking for.

Such examples may include Locker Shops like Box Boss or Toy Outpost, they are filled with phone covers where you can get easily under $10. Worth a purchase if you are looking for a simple and minimal cover. You may be surprised too that Daiso sells stylish phone covers for just $2.

For online options, Lazada and Shopee have ample of re-sellers that have cheap listings and different designs.

3 Factors to consider before making a purchase on a phone case?

  • It is always important to make sure that you phone is adequately protected. A good quality phone case will allow you to do just that.
  • The ability of your phone case to protect your phone from drops or impacts is determined by a variety of factors including the material it's made from, how well it fits the phone, and what else is inside the case.
  • Individual preference for choosing a phone case. However, we do feel that buying a phone case from the original brand or shop (example Samsung/ OPPO original phone cases that may cost up to $40 or more) would be better than normal resellers since they are authentic.

At EPlanetWorld.com, we are the local distributor of Samsung products, which includes the many different models of phone cases that you may be looking for. If you are a owner of Samsung or OPPO mobile phone, do visit or browse at our store pages, at times we will have promotions and discounts that may entice you!

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