Showcasing APEMAN Action Cameras Series

Showcasing APEMAN Action Cameras Series

Introducing APEMAN A100, A80 & A79 Action Camera Series

How to Use A100 TRAWO Action Cam

In this video, you’ll know how to insert the battery and an SD card, switch modes, adjust the settings and transfer the file to your computer. 

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- Please firmly mount the TRAWO still for a long duration to create an effective time-lapse video;
- You may use AWB to let the TRAWO figure out the white balance based on the scene in front of you;
- Please turn on screensaver and auto off to extend its battery life;
- When connecting your TRAWO to a computer, please press the OK Button to switch the Mass Storage Mode or PC Camera Mode.

How to Connect TRAWO and Use the App

Wi-Fi control allows you to control the TRAWO and download the files easily wherever you are. This video will show you how to connect the TRAWO via Wi-Fi and show you some functions of the YOUTUPRO app.


  1. Please insert an SD card before turning on the camera.
  2. There are two steps for you to save videos and pics locally. First, download the file that you want to keep. Second, locate the file in the YUTUPTO Album and save it.

How to Use A80 Action Cam


Capture Your Amazing Adventure with the A79 Action Camera


For the best moments in your life.

  • The action camera A79 is an excellent upgrade of the action camera from APEMAN. It’s equipped with an external microphone to deliver a better voice recording.
  • The A79 action camera can make your videos and photos come to life. Since it’s equipped with a high-quality Sony image sensor. The A79 delivers 4K@30fps, 2.7K@30fps, 1080p@60fps, 720p@120fps videos as well as 16MP photos, capturing every moment in crystal clarity.
  • The continuous recording and time-lapse video modes can be selected to film your favorite actions, perfect for you to share the footage with your friends and family at any time.
  • If you like to film water splashing at 4x slow-down speed, just select the 720P in the slow-motion mode, hit the record, and you’ll see the delicate dance of the water droplets in the playback. Please don’t forget to turn on its electronic image stabilization (EIS) while you’re recording your mountain biking or any other movement. It will greatly help to counteract bumpy trails and smooth out your clips.

For those who do want to get creative, the A79 will give you the freedom to adjust things like exposure compensation, white balance, ISO settings from 100 to 3200, saturation, contrast and so on.

Taking photos is also easier for the A79 with a handful of helpful features like burst mode and self-timer shooting. You can make the most out of the A79 with these settings to make your snaps look their best and preserve any exciting moments.

External microphone
If you’re tired of capturing any wind noise, pops or other unwanted background sounds with your camera’s built-in mic, then you might love this external microphone coming with the A79. The external mic can greatly reduce and eliminate these audio issues with its microphone sensitivity of -34d (plus or minus 2dB) and excellent signal-noise-ratio of 60dB+. It works perfect for MotoVlogging and other such scenarios where you need better audio recording. 

Effortlessly Control the Camera from Afar
The A79 enables you to effortlessly control the camera from afar with its built-in Wi-Fi or a 2.4GHz wrist remote control. After turning on the Wi-Fi, you can easily select your desired resolution and start recording or download all your photos and videos to your smart device.

If you want to capture the most wonderful moments while you have the camera attached to your skateboard, helmet, steering wheel or even your pet, you may need this wrist remote control, water-resistant but not waterproof, allowing you to control the camera within 22ft/7m.

Featured with small size and dramatic POV (point of view) footage, the A79 is great for sports participants who’d like to capture their adventures by attaching cameras to themselves or their equipment.

With its waterproof housing, you can record every exciting moment while doing water sports such as swimming, surfing or even diving down to a depth of 131 feet (40 meters). 

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