APEMAN BC100 Binoculars

APEMAN BC100 Binoculars


About Apeman BC100 Binoculars

Binoculars are helpful tools when used for outdoor activities, mainly for bird watching to sporting events to events and concerts. When choosing the right one for you, keep in mind the magnification, durability, and image clarity. There are an extensive range of brands to choose from, so why the APEMAN BC100?

Being a 10x42 HD binoculars, be sure to expect sharp and bright images. This product is equipped with high-quality BAK4 prism and FMC coating, providing crystal clear viewing with no curvature at the edges.


APEMAN BC100 Binoculars


At only 14cm in size and weighing 440g, the APEMAN BC100 is compact and portable. This makes holding easy, allowing you to carry it around from point to point with ease. Purchasing the BC100 will also land you with various accessories, from lens covers to a carrying bag, neck strap and even a smartphone adapter! The adapter is compatible with all smartphone devices and you can also mount the binocular on a tripod (not included).

The BC100 is durable and sturdy, covering itself with rubber armor and providing a pleasant non-slip grip that does not allow shakes or rattles. This binocular is suitable for various scenarios and occasions, a great tool for birdwatching to outdoor activities and even stargazing! What more, it is affordable and worth your every penny.

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