APEMAN A79 Review

APEMAN A79 Review

Allowing you to cherish and share those thrilling and fast moments in life, the APEMAN A79 is an action camera that makes recording those moments easier than ever. It stands out to potentially be the best underwater camera with quite a decent battery life and also pretty great photography capability. And making sure you won’t regret your purchase, the APEMAN A79 even offers you a pretty solid and easy to use design with great app integration.

Why We Like It – APEMAN A79

Record those fast and thrilling moments in your life with the APEMAN A79 now offering 4K video shooting at 30fps. This super affordable action camera is one of the best investments for you extreme sport fans out there, allowing you to shoot videos for over an hour with its good battery life and even record while 40m underwater.


  • 4K at 30FPS
  • 40m Underwater waterproof
  • Super affordable


  • Videos can only be shooted at high resolutions


Already surpassing the AKASO EK7000, the APEMAN A79 makes it possible for you to shoot videos at a native 4K @ 30fps making those rides down the hill and underwater dives more vibrant across your screen and more enjoyable to watch. This also means that there’s no need to upscale the videos digitally later on, thus saving both time and the camera’s charge.

And while the APEMAN A79 may not take as great still photos as the NIKON W300, it manages to provide you with a pretty good image quality at a 4K 20MP. You can also tweak down the quality to 16MP, 12MP, 8MP or even 5MP which can be pretty handy if you need more storage space. Speaking of it’s storage space, the APEMAN A79 allows you to use an SD card of storage space ranging from 8GB to 64GB, supposably with a minimum transfer speed of 90MB/s. This will make sure that the video footage is saved at an optimal rate and also prevent the camera from overheating.

Moreover, the APEMAN A79 has a pretty decent battery life thanks to its 1050mAh battery, allowing you to shoot over two hours at 1080p and around an hour with 4K enabled. It most certainly may not be much but it will be enough for most people out there. Moving on to the different modes you can shoot in, the APEMAN A79 offers a time lapse mode capturing from 1 frames per second to 1 frame every 60 seconds as well as a burst mode which captures a burst of 3 or 5 photos to take in every second of an exciting moment. You also get a selfie mode which has a timer with intervals of 2 to 10 seconds and even a slow motion mode. The different modes are a nice addition to the 4K mode that records 30 frames per second, so definitely explore the various modes that use certain frame rates for different situations.

Furthermore, the APEMAN A79 also offers a great amount of control and functionality with a 2.4 GHz remote as well as a separate app of its own. The remote control works from at most 10 metres away and also working through Wi-Fi and app on your phone you can control the camera even while one of your hands are busy. Just connect the camera to your wrist, helmet or steering wheel and you can easily capture those wonderful moments through the controls in your hand. You can also easily download the electronic image or videos through your phone’s app without ever having to use the USB or HD cable provided. Although, using the cables may be a bit faster and you can also use them to charge the camera. Either way, the Apeman A79 is a convenient action camera that lets you utilize a remote control for extra freedom and versatility in your creative camera work and full HD video footage. The pretty good battery life also contributes to long photography or filmmaking sessions.

Additionally, the APEMAN A79 also stands out to be one of the best action cameras out there with a professional image stabilization feature that automatically prevents the shake of the camera from interfering with your photos and videos. As for other forms of connectivity, the APEMAN also allows you to connect an external microphone to add better audio to your Full HD content. An external microphone is included in the accessories of an APEMAN A79 kit.


Measuring to be 1.97 x 1.18 x 0.79 Inches and weighing around 0.17 pounds, the APEMAN A79 is an easy to carry around device which also stays firm wherever you attach it. You can get a number of mounting kits which allow you to attach the APEMAN A79 to your bike, skateboard or even a diving kit and keep it steady while preventing it from falling down.

Adding to that the A79 also comes with a waterproof case that is able to protect it from the water pressure upto a depth of 120 feet and 40 feet without the case. This makes it a perfect fit for water-based sports and underwater activities. APEMAN A79 gives you the functionality you need at the tip of your fingers. With the remote control functionality along with the underwater housing, you can conveniently capture underwater shots without having to be submerged at the same time. Add in the image stabilization feature, and you get crisp, clear underwater image quality while the waterproof case and remote control do all the work for you. You can also fetch your captured electronic photos and videos quickly through the phone app rather than eject the SD card and load its memory onto a computer.


Offering you the near perfect performance with a deeper underwater waterproof rating than the GoPro Hero 7, the APEMAN A79 is probably the best action cam you can get right now. While it may not support 4K at 60FPS, it offers a video and image quality, a decent battery life and also an unrivalled waterproof housing all at a very affordable and great value of $55 on amazon com.

APEMAN A79 Wrap Up

Probably the best action camera for the money, the APEMAN A79 offers you everything you can ask for. From a deep waterproof rating, an extra waterproof housing, an amazing video and audio quality paired with the perfect design and functionality of app integration, the APEMAN A79 has it all, and it’s something the action video enthusiasts won’t want to miss out on.

Understand more about APEMAN HERE:  eplanetworld.com/pages/apemanasia

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