Action Camera Battery Guide

Action Camera Battery Guide

Anyone who owns an action camera is sure to find that it drains pretty quickly, and that can be accelerated if you leave it on all day. Let us just say you are using it in the most "battery efficient" way possible, most action cameras only last a maximum of 120 minutes when they are just recording. Even the best action cameras only last about 3 hours. For an average person, that's definitely not enough. That's why many have opted to buy extra batteries and change them on the go.

We will share some battery saving tips to extend battery life and improve battery life:


1. firmware updates

Although this can be annoying at times, it is most effective in most cases. The results are immediate after the update, especially if you have never updated before or have not updated in a while. Updating removes software "bugs" that drain the battery, so your camera works more efficiently and battery life is extended. Sometimes it is possible that it also brings additional features and a new interface.


2. choosing the right settings

There are many settings and adjustments you can change to reduce battery consumption. Note that some of them may apply to you and some may not. Some examples would be:

- Turn off or decrease the beep volume.
- Decrease the brightness of LCD
- Turning off LED light indicators
- Decrease the duration of auto power off (2 minutes) and screen lock (30 seconds)
- Disable all screen savers
- Turn off Wi-Fi
- Disable remote control (Bluetooth)

3. decrease the resolution of your recordings

The rule for resolution is quite simple. The higher the resolution, the faster the battery will deplete. However, if the resolution is too low, the video may appear blurry. Therefore, I think a resolution of 1080p is best, as most social media (Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) support this resolution and it is sufficient for most screens, even though your camera may have a higher resolution.


4. remove the battery from the camera if you do not use it for a long time

Most of us do not use the camera every day. Therefore, remove it from the camera when you are not using it and store it in a cool and dry place. This is a general tip for any electronic device you own, so it applies to action cams as well. If the battery is left in the camera for a long period of time, it will still draw some power, which will slowly drain the battery and lead to a complete discharge. This is unhealthy for the battery and can also cause it to leak, which will completely destroy the battery.


5. keep them at room temperature

The best temperature to use your batteries is room temperature. Try not to expose them to cold or very warm temperatures for too long, as this will damage the battery in the long run.


6. keep remote control functions to a minimum

Most action cams have wireless functions (smartphone, Bluetooth remote control), which obviously makes navigation more convenient, but it can also shorten the battery life. So always turn it off when you do not need it, because it really consumes a lot more power than if it was off. Personally, I would recommend buying batteries that are from the original manufacturers as they are the best and do not cost much more compared to third party batteries.


7. buy extra batteries for your action camera

APEMAN provides 2 batteries in all action camera boxes. Also, you can buy an extra battery pack that includes 2 more batteries and 1 charger.

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