Samsung Galaxy S20+

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This is the phone that will change photography.

Our most advanced zoom yet takes you places no mobile has been before


Zoom in 100X to find shots you never knew existed

3xHybrid Optic Zoom

Up to 30xSuper Resolution Zoom

Let there be night


We almost tripled the sensor size so you can shoot more of the night

In low light, the pro-grade camera system captures multiple photos at once, merging them into one stunning shot with less blur and noise. With larger image sensors and AI, using the Night mode means you can shoot night scenes clearer.


Now the highest-resolution video on a smartphone

We've taken mobile resolution from 4K all the way to 8K. That's 4 times bigger than UHD and 16 times bigger than FHD. That means you'll capture moments in super-sharp resolution.


You can even pull 33MP stills right out of 8K video

It's a whole new way to capture still photography every time you hit record. 8K video turns every frame into a high-resolution still so that you can preserve your once-in-a-lifetime shots in crisp sharpness.

8KVideo | 33MPStill

Steady. Steadier. Super Steady


Sophisticated AI stabilises video like an Action Cam

The larger sensor and anti-rolling stabiliser balances camera movement so your footage won't turn out blurry and unstable, but super smooth.

A whole new way to take one shot and capture in multiple formats
With revolutionary AI, Single Take lets you shoot for up to 10 seconds and get up to 14 photos and/or videos of the precious moment — meaning now you can choose the best style for the moment without having to reshoot.


We upgraded the whole security system, so what's yours stays yours

We created a secure processor dedicated to protecting your PIN, password, pattern, and Blockchain Private Key. Combined with the Samsung Knox platform, security is infused into every part of your phone, from hardware to software. So private data stays private.

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