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Samsung Galaxy Note10+ Led Back Cover

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Your own personal light show

When you turn your phone face down or pop out the S Pen, lights on the back of the LED Cover will fade in and out, creating a little light show.

*It is recommended to remove the cover from your Galaxy Note10 before using Wireless PowerShare.

Keeps you in the know

Even if you can't see the screen, you can stay informed with the LED icons that light up on the back. So if a call or a text comes in, an icon will appear to let you know. It even works with certain third party messaging apps.

Group shots as simple as 3, 2, 1

Minimise the chances of someone blinking in the group photo. When you start the camera timer, a countdown appears on the back of the case, letting everyone know how much time they have to strike a pose.

Make it all match

Snap your phone into the case and you'll have the option to download and update your UI theme.

Add a touch of fun

This cover lets you express yourself in a surprising way with your choice of icons. You have the option of selecting an icon to appear when you turn your phone over or when you're taking a mirror selfie, making your phone cover as individualistic as you are.