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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 LED View Cover

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So Long, Microbes

Infused with an antimicrobial coating, the Smart LED View Cover blocks microbial growth.

Glows to let you know

The expanded LED display features better visibility when notifications pop up. Receive alerts from both native apps and 3rd party apps and customize your caller ID so when your friend calls, you know exactly who it is.

Convenient Alerts, FYI

In addition to notifications, the smart display gives you information briefly like battery level, music player, timers, alarms, and more. So, you can keep track of what's going on with your phone.

Comfortable One-Handed Control

You don't need to touch the screen to control your phone — just touch the cover. With convenient touch interaction, you can control your music and phone calls.

Keep Important things on hand

Flip opens the cover to reveal an interior pocket that's the perfect size for a banking or transit card. It's cut out slightly so you can slip the card inside without changing the slim profile of the case.

All around defence

Galaxy Note20 Ultra snaps securely into the case to safeguard the back of your phone from damage. And the attached flap keeps the screen protected from scratches when you slip it into your pocket or bag.

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