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Quair Plasma Go - Bundle of 3

Quair Plasma Go - Bundle of 3


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** Bundle Comes with Additional 3 X HEPA13 Filters  **

About Quair Plasma Go

Clean Air Always By Your Side

Quair Plasma Go - Clean Air Always By Your Side

 A powerful and portable air purifier that combines Quair’s Plasma Ion Technology with Germagic™ coated HEPA13 filter to filtrate and eliminate even the most harmful viruses, bacteria, fungi, and odours.

  • Germagic HEPA13 Filters

Germagic™ HEPA13 filters has an antimicrobial coating which allows “contact killing”, “release-killing” and “anti-adhesion” to kill bacteria, moulds, viruses, avian flu, swine flu and Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS). 

Technology of Germagic HEPA Filter
  • Plasma Ion Technology (Bipolar Ionization Technology)

Release positive and negative ions that proactively combat and remove pathogens suspended in the air.Quair Plasma Go - Plasma Ion Technology

Quair Plasma Go - Power on the Go
 Quair Plasma Go - Touch Control with Real Time Update
Quair Plasma Go - Clean Air In Your Personal Space
Quair Plasma Go - Convenience At Your FingerTips
Quair Plasma Go - Testing and Certification


User Manual

Plasma Go Manual

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