Let’s try a 360 degree indoor camera, the Apeman ID73


Apeman ID73 is an IP model with complete functionality and low cost, controllable from smartphones and tablets via WiFi.

Apeman IP Camera ID73: design and specifications

The Apeman IP camera allows complete monitoring of the environment thanks to the head that can move vertically by 100 ° and the base can be rotated horizontally by 355 °; movements managed by a silent electric motor, controllable by smartphone.

In the upper part of the room we find a 2 MP sensor with Full HD resolution , F2.5 aperture and night vision up to 9 meters. Head that also houses the reset button and the slot for the MicroSD up to 64GB (to be purchased separately), useful for storing photos and videos. 

On this room we also find a one Watt speaker, the microphone, the Ethernet port and a 2.4GHz WiFi module connected to an adjustable antenna. Let's not forget the micro USB port to power the camera and the all-plastic construction. We conclude with the package that includes screws for ceiling installation, the USB wall power supply and a manual with a bad translation in Singapore.

Dedicated app

Apeman ID73 can be controlled via smartphones and tablets with iOS and Android through the free IPC360 app. Software that allows you to easily move the camera 360 degrees and to consult the shots taken (both the historical and in real time). There is also the possibility of managing multiple cameras, taking new photos and videos stored on the smartphone and talking with those in the room thanks to the speaker and microphone integrated in the ID73. There is also the motion detection function which however has an important limitation, the failure to send notifications on the smartphone when you are not using the app. Please note that the warnings are in fact shown only within the IPC360 application.

Let's continue by recalling the rich settings panel that allows you to define recording times and manage the motion detection function.

Performance and price

We finish the review of the ID73 with the analysis of its performance; good quality of photos and videos with natural colors and good detail even at night; the performance of microphone and speaker is only sufficient. The evaluation of the simple installation procedure and the easy-to-use application was positive, with a stable WiFi connection. 

Finally the price , the IP Camera Apeman ID73 can be purchased at a price of $48!  Buy it now.