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Apeman Mother's Day

Some parents are known to have let their baby sleep in the same room as they do since time immemorial. On the other part of the world, parents teach children to sleep independently since the infant stage. This trend is crawling to Singapore and brings with it the dire need of night baby monito.
Apeman ID73 home security camera specialize in proving motion sensing or audio transmission to the parent to check if the baby is struggling to sleep or is crying out of hunger.

Accident Control

After the 6th month, babies are known to be very notorious with their adventures. They now know how to lie on their tummy and in no time, they will learn how to walk and move around all by themselves. But if you are away from them, even in the other room, it is always beneficial to keep on eye on them because you cannot baby proof the entire house. This will leave small babies vulnerable to all sorts of dangers at home where they might trip and fall and injure themselves.

Sleep Pattern Development

Fining a pattern in the sleep schedule of the baby is next to impossible for the parents might not remember how many times they baby has woken up from her sleep crying out for food or irritated. Having a camera on the baby will help the parents to track timing of when the baby is waking up, whey the baby cries, when the baby tries to move etc. The will help the  parents to plan their sleep according to the schedule.

Free you for the Work

We all want our baby to grow in safety, but parally, we also want to continue our dream careers. To save parents torn apart by dilemma, the Apeman ID73 camera will help you keep an eye on the baby at home while you work at your cubicle making some impressive numbers.

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