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Huawei 2 IN 1 Memory Card Reader

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The Huawei 2 in 1 memory card reader can transfer your data, files, photos and videos from the Huawei nano memory card (NM card) to other devices like smartphone, tablet or computer. The card reader can read microSD and NM memory cards. It supports USB Type-A and Type-C interface for fast and easy connection to other devices.

Thanks to OTG support, you can connect the combo memory card reader to other mobile phones with USB Type-C port or via USB OTG cable and microUSB. The Huawei memory card reader can read memory cards of 2TB of storage capacity and supports high-speed transmission up to 100MB/s.

 Simply plug in and use, no software required.

 About this item

  • Huawei's Nano Memory Cards are identical in size and shape to a Nano SIM card and are proprietary to Huawei Mobile devices.
  • Reads microSD & NM card
  • Two-way compatible
  • Split OTG support and design
  • Type-A / Type-C interface support mobile phone, tablet, computer
  • 100MB/s high-speed transmission
  • Supports up to 2TB memory cards
  • 1 Gen 1 interface