ABKO E10 TWS Earbuds

Guide to ABKO E10 TWS Earbuds

Quality ABKO TWS Earbuds under $100

As we all know, the earbuds market is growing at a fast rate. This is owed to the fact that people are always on the go and need quality earbuds to stay connected with their loved ones. With so many options available in the market, it becomes difficult for people to choose one that suits their needs best.

With ABKO quality earbuds under $100, this ABKO E10 TWS Earbuds offers a perfect combination of style, technology and affordability. This earbud has been designed to be comfortable, durable and stylish. It is made of high quality materials that make it easy to use and wear. The earbud fits securely in your ear and stays in place while you are exercising or working out. It has a built-in microphone that allows you to take calls and answer calls hands-free.

The E10 is a true wireless earbud with a long battery life. With the ability to recharge the earbuds up to 26 times. A long battery earbuds provides you with quality sound, which will help you to enjoy the music or a movie. These earbuds are best for active people who need to stay connected with their surroundings. It is perfect for those on the go.

ABKO E10 TWS Earbuds - Airoha Chipset

With our Airoha chipset, you can listen to your favourite music without any distortion. Airoha has developed a revolutionary product with state-of-the-art technology. Airoha audio devices are designed to deliver the best possible sound quality with the highest level of performance and comfort. With its superior audio performance, the Airoha chipset provide the best possible sound quality and work perfectly with any device. It is one of the most advanced earphones available in the market.

ABKO E10 TWS Earbuds incorporates IPX5 feature. This means that it is waterproof, rain and sweat resistance. This feature gives it an edge over other earbuds and also makes it a perfect companion for sports.

ABKO E10 TWS Earbuds - Dynamic Driver

ABKO E10 TWS Earbuds adopts dual driver (6mm dynamic + BA) for clearer and richer sound. With the world’s first BA driver, E10 offers a more natural, balanced sound, which gives you more detail and clarity. With the dual driver, E10 delivers excellent bass and mid-range sounds, while preserving the clarity of high frequency notes.

4 Tips On How To Take Care of Your Ears While Listening To Music

Ear safety is important. Music can be a great way to relax and unwind, but it can also be damaging to your ears if you don't take care of them.

Here are some tips on how to take care of your ears while listening to music:

1. Keep the volume at a safe level - the louder the sound, the more damage it does to your eardrums.

2. Limit how long you listen for - research has shown that listening for more than an hour can cause permanent hearing loss.

3. Choose earphones with noise-cancelling technology - this will reduce background noise and help protect your ears from harmful levels of sound.

4. Turn it off when you're not using it - if you're not listening, keep the volume low or off to preserve battery life.


The ABKO E10 TWS earbud is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a great pair of earbuds that will last them all day long. At just $89, it is one of the best value earbuds you can buy and it comes with a 1-year warranty as well.

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