APEMAN A100 Action Camera Review

APEMAN A100 Action Camera Review

With 4K Video capabilities and its electronic image stabilization (EIS), WI-FI control and a generous lot of accessories, A100 is an ultra-light weight, affordable action camera that can be used in many situations regardless of whether you are a sport junkie such as skiing or surfing and using it for a traveling vlog.


Apeman A100 Action Camera


Apeman action camera comes with waterproof housing case for diving enthusiasts, handlebar mount for motorcyclist and cycling fan and comes with various mount and cable tie for that extra sense of security for different situation.


For vloggers, it comes with two 1350mAh batteries for the extra battery life. And families, it is good for use as camcorder and the image stabilization allows fast motion movement for toddlers running around. Wi-Fi and free app control can used to download footage to Android and iOS smartphone and to double as remote control.


A100 also use the standard two-fingered mount system found in many brands of sports camera so you can get many other third-party accessories such as tripod, should you wish too. USB Cable is also provided for connection to PC.


The action camera boosts a resolution up to 4K 50 FPS Ultra HD videos and comes with a 2-inch IPS screen. It does come with several shooting mode such as time lapse and slow-motion mode. Loop recording mode is available if you wish to use it as a dash camera and webcam. If you wish to save more space, you can set the video quality to 1080P 60FPS too. Image quality supports up to 20 MP.

The Apeman A100 action camera deliver good image quality and EIS is very effective. At the affordable pricing, it is a very good buy.



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